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"The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge."
Thomas Berger, Author

Research + Facilitation are core features of all MODA’s services, and may also be scoped as individual services.

Research has been important to Nina’s architectural practice since college, when she wrote grant proposals and won a Fulbright to study architecture and urbanism in Vienna. Most recently, she initiated and won a grant from Gensler to lead and publish a 9-city international study of evolutions in museum audience engagement and the role of museums in their communities and cities with an eye to how this will inform the design of future museums. Her research spans social and technical topics, and includes a diverse range of modes including but not limited to facilitating roundtables to gather POV information and foster community dialogue, designing online surveys to gather quantitative data to forecast trends, creating benchmark reports for architectural project types, writing comparative design case studies, digesting highly technical scientific research to translate into a relatable pitch pamphlet for investors, and performing building envelope materials research.  The research she has completed has generated clarity for her clients, and supported them in making informed decisions and getting enrollment in their endeavors.


·        Qualifying Questions
·        Planning Research Processes
·        Grant Proposals
·        Research Team Management
·        Facilitating Public Input
·        Survey Design
·        Data Evaluation
·        Reports + Presentations
·        Design Trends + Forecasts


A long-time teacher of design and leader of public processes for projects in design and construction, Nina is additionally trained to facilitate Circling. Circling is a relational group practice that engages curiosity, noticing skills, open-ended questions, and empathy to reveal blindspots and achieve shared understanding. Nina integrates the deep dive techniques of Circling to enrich design charrettes, research roundtables, and public input meetings, and is recognized by her past clients and contractors for her ability to shift even the most difficult team dynamics to create consensus and shared vision. Best of all, Nina can teach your team these relational skills, so that you can feel more confident and comfortable while networking, feel more assured that you understand your client, and have more flexibility in connecting with all the people on your teams.


·        Getting Your Client’s World
·        Relational Leadership Development
·        Healing the Hurting Team
·        Easing Difficult Conversations
·        Deep Dive Skills for High Value Networking

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