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Founded in 2017 by Nina Murrell, AIA, LEED AP to build on more than 20 years of award-winning cultural and educational facility planning and design leadership, MODA partners with mission-driven organizations and businesses to create meaningful, transformative places for learning, working, and creating community and culture.

MODA is located in Austin, Texas and is HUB / WBE Certified by the City of Austin and Texas Comptroller.



Founder / Principal

"What's most important? What's most alive? What is hidden that is seeking to be seen? I partner with you and your stakeholders to turn AIR into SOLID."

A Rice University graduate and Fulbright Scholar practicing architecture since 1996, Nina Murrell's roles prior to founding MODA include New England Market Sector Leader in Education+Culture for SMRT and Design Director / Southcentral Regional Education+Culture Leader for Gensler.

Her published research on audience engagement and the roles of cultural facilities in their communities combines with her involvement in several cultural / educational facility associations to give her the pulse on trends in programs, space use, visitor experience design. The insights she provides her clients are additionally influenced by her leadership roles in commercial real estate associations, empowering her clients to fine tune organizational market positioning while planning for corresponding program and facilities growth.

Nina is a certified facilitator, recognized for her success in shepherding diverse+divergent groups to consensus and shared vision. While catalyzing stakeholder contributions, she leads with a collaborative 'what if' approach that helps her clients try on opportunities for mission-advancing program and spatial synergies that delight visitors, support staff satisfaction and productivity, and optimize construction budgets.


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Kennesaw State University*

Texas Southern University*

University of Georgia*

University of Houston*

University of Texas Austin PMCS*

Valdosta State University*

West Virginia University*

Greenville Children's Hospital*

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia*

Grove Grocery*

Austin Independent School District


My Vinyasa Yoga

OnSite A/V

Haute Rock Creative and Entertainment

Private Residences in Asheville, NC

American Airlines DFW*
William P. Hobby Airport*
Arlington ISD*
Exeter Academy*
Houston ISD*
Port Arthur ISD*
Post Oak Montessori School*
St. Nicholas School*
Public Interest Projects*
Delphi Development*
Broaddus Companies
Cadence Development
Invictus Martial Arts
Dynamic Glass
Orange Coworking
Private Residences in Austin, Texas

Fort Bend County Museum*

Georgia Museum of Art*

Zuckerman Museum of Art*

Art Museum of WVU*

Houston Maritime Museum*

South Texas Coastal Research Center*

Texas Historical Commission*

Upstairs Artspace*

Gensler Museum Audience Research*

Yuri Tsuzuki, Artist

Rosenberg Railroad Museum

Central Austin Management Group

Ichor Construction

Slackers Brewing Co.

Southpaws Playschool

Private Residence in Andover, MA

* work performed while with previous firm


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